Web & Social Media Portfolio

Social media campaigns are the art of delivering the perfect message to the ideal demographic and offering them enough value to persuade them to act. This value can be delivered by sharing something beneficial or free, solving a problem they are experiencing, connecting with the viewer emotionally, or just through pure entertainment. Regardless, once this connection has been made, and the viewer engages with the advertisement, the next step naturally follows that they will be willing to act upon the primary function of the ad.

While this action can consist of anything from purchasing a product to product awareness or engagement on social media, it all follows the same timeline: the delivery of the advertisement offered something of value, and in exchange the viewer participated in the campaign. The media below applies to a wide variety of companies and industries, but all of the fundamental concepts of social media advertising remain the same.


The majority of all home pest control decisions are made by the woman of the household, so this advertisement (and associated campaign) targets her. The children and pets in the photo offer the emotional connection to the viewer, and the catchy offer in the ad completes the deal: “if pests return, so do we”; a complete sales package including tagline, descriptive photo, and action item that solve an existing problem for the viewer.


For a brand new title insurance company and their initial Facebook brand awareness campaign; this photo is on a famous street in Tampa, Florida with the recognizable skyline in the background. The view of this ad offers immediate location recognition to the viewer, associates that with the company, and delivers the short message. This ad was delivered on Facebook to a targeted demographic of Real Estate Agents and Commercial Lenders within 25 miles of downtown Tampa.


Offering a week of free coffee to any company who signs up for the demo, this LinkedIn ad campaign was targeted at Office Managers, Plant Managers, and Human Resource Managers (decision makers) at companies employing between 50 and 200 employees. The product is given away on the landing page in exchange for filling out a simple form of contact information (which is later used for remarketing campaigns).

Shopping Addiction

A little bit of humor goes a long way. This ad pokes fun at the credit fueled shopping rush around Christmas and twists the common “Not Safe For Work” acronym into a shopping analogy. The company name, photo, and tagline are relatable to many people, and the ad was used to target people on Facebook whose Behavior patterns matched significant time spent online shopping.

US Health

This ad was part of a Facebook campaign to deliver traffic to the largest private health care company in the United States (US Health). Since attention spans are short, the goal of the ad was to attract attention for the 8 second loop while the message was delivered, and to use the Black Friday shopping analogy to demonstrate the urgency of the short open enrollment period for new health care plans.


A full blown brochure website for a coffee & water service company in Florida. This site offers print descriptions and video demonstrations of all their products in action. It is SEO optimized, and built to guide any visitor to easily self-locate content and answer any questions they may have on the company or the products.