Website Portfolio

E-2 Media believes in clean websites that follow the fundamental principles of user interface design. This means no superfluous imagery or unnecessary graphics, just consistent and beautiful sites designed to accomplish a specific goal. Every site below was created with the user in mind, looking at the design from their perspective, and guiding them through the content in a way that makes information easy to find, and purchases easy to complete.


A full blown brochure website for a coffee & water service company in Florida. This site offers print descriptions and video demonstrations of all their products in action. It is SEO optimized, and built to guide any visitor to easily self-locate content and answer any questions they may have on the company or the products.

Shopping Addiction

Built for an Amazon and Etsy affiliate marketing campaign during Christmas 2015, this website fielded hundreds of thousands of Christmas shopping requests. Clicking on any product installs a “cookie” to the user’s computer, tracking demographics and sales for later targeting and remarketing.


Built to convert from a targeted LinkedIn ad campaign to a physical event, this landing page offers clean design and a fundamental four step product delivery: Tagline, photo, description, action item. Users visiting this page were able to read about the event, make a decision, and complete registration all within two minutes.

Javaworks Promotions

Built for a LinkedIn campaign to offer a free trial, this advertisement includes an embedded video demonstration of the product as well as a form that captures company information. There is also an embedded Facebook pixel, used to capture visitor account information and remarket in a Facebook campaign.